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Single Agents vs. Black Star Realty


In real estate, there are few different types of agents you will find. Some operate independently and by themselves, these are single agents. Single agents represent a buyer or a seller and have their best interests in mind. Or you may come across a Real Estate Brokerage like ourselves here at Black Star Realty.

The difference between a single agent versus a brokerage, is the resources. While a single agent is limited in contacts and networks, a brokerage provides access to a plethora of agents. Single agents may also not have access to certain technologies or platforms that can help you buy or sell your home.

When choosing Black Star you not only get a dedicated agent who has your best interests in mind, but access to an entire team of top agents across Monmouth and Ocean County with access to industry leading technologies, looking to serve you.

Give us a call today to let our dedicated team find you your future home!

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